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Summary of our Mortgage Pool Software & Banking System Features

LLC Fund Manager is a complete, standalone Mortgage Pool Software and banking system core. A software system platform that can be ran independently from the rest of your systems or fully integrated. Bank Core account management, Mortgage Pool Administration & Fund Accounting.

Then combine our software with any GL (General Ledger) of your choosing along optionally with our Loan Origination and Loan Servicing software systems.

We tend to work with small commercial banks, credit unions, private investment funds, and mortgage pools (Reg D 506). Keep it small with just one or two users or or go big with dozens or even hundreds while taking advantage of our software's role based security architecture and robust workflow/task management and streamline your entire operation.

  • Batch Processing - Accruals and Reporting, Monthly and Quarterly
  • Payment Options - Pay Members via Credit Account/Roll-In, Cash, Check or ACH
  • Flexibility - Small Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Pools, Partnerships, Crowd Funding
  • Daily Calculations - Deposit/Withdrawal (Buy/Sell shares) any Day of the Month
  • Supports Multiple Asset Classes - Software supports Debt, Equity, Hybrid, Multi-Tier Models, CDO, CMO models